‘Blade Runner 2’ Scores Another Big Casting Coup With ‘House of Cards’ Star

Despite the fact that it took some 25 years to get the original right (2007 Final Cut or bust), the idea of a sequel to the hugely influential Blade Runner is still an absolutely massive one, largely owing to the fact that fans of the film are generally people who have beating hearts and enjoy fun.

That they’ve somehow managed to coax known curmudgeon Harrison Ford back into the project (one of three defining career roles he’s visiting on his veritable retirement tour) that will also star Ryan Gosling, working off a story developed by Ridley Scott and a script by original scribe Hampton Fancher, with Oscar-nominated director Denis Villeneuve helming things, just makes it all the more sweeter.
And if that, in and of itself, isn’t enough to fire up the taste for neo-noir sci-fi brilliance, then this latest titbit of news surely will.
House of Cards actor Robin Wright has been revealed as the latest addition to the cast, stepping into the role of one of three rumoured major female parts.
Wright is apparently close to finalising a deal to join the film, after previous scheduling conflicts with the Netflix hit series were resolved.
Very little is known about the sequel, other than Ford reprising his character of Rick Deckard, and the film taking place several decades after the original.
Cameras are scheduled to begin rolling on the project in July, which has a tentative release date of January 12th, 2018.
The OG film, of course, was based on the ever-excellent Philip K. Dick novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘ and became arguably one of – if not the – greatest sci-fi films ever released.
Tears in the motherfucking rain, y’all.
Source: The Guardian.