‘Big Brother’ 2020 Has Certainly Rustled Our Jimmies With Its New Format

big brother

Big Brother Australia is back, baby! Although… do we love it? Australia isn’t sure yet, it turns out.

With a brand new format and no more live evictions, we knew things were going to be super different on this show we all nostalgically love. But they were like, REALLY different.

First, there was the whole not-real-time thing. The show was pre-filmed, but we’re all still a bit confused as to how that actually… works.

Like the bit where Sonia excitedly told us she was going to chat to the housemates “live”?

Then there’s the format. Instead of a focus on people stuck in a house slowly driving each other mad, the new Big Brother looks set to be all about challenges – and they’re booting people every episode. Sound familiar?

But the most contentious moment was the eviction of Laura – after other contestants said they were “scared” of her.


Honestly, yeah that was fucked.

Still, people are hopeful things might improve.

Honestly? Same.