Beyoncé Fans Are Fuming Over A Crowd’s Lack Of Energy During Her Renaissance Tour

Beyoncé fans are big mad after witnessing a lack of energy from one of the crowds at the Renaissance World Tour.

If you haven’t been online in the past week, you might’ve missed all the buzz surrounding Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour. The Beyhive (Beyoncé stans) have been posting nonstop about her epic performances, including her iconic voguing routines, LED dress and her homage to Jersey Club music.

Although there are a lot of exciting things coming from the Renaissance artist, it seems like some Yoncé fans are unimpressed with the lack of energy from some audiences. To give you a quick summary, the “CUFF IT” singer kicked off her tour in Stockholm, Sweden, performing for two days.

Judging by the videos, there seems to be a lot of synergy from the audience on opening night, but on day two, they seemed a little mild. One video in particular from @Queenrenaissance1 showed Stockholm’s audience.

“Beyoncé is giving it 120 per cent, and the Swedish crowd is watching seated like it’s the opera!!!,” the account wrote.

@queenrenaissance1 They dont understand the culture 😭😭😭#beyonce #renaissancetour2023 #renaissanceworldtour #beyoncechallenge #renaissancechallenge ♬ son original – queen

Some folks in the comments pointed out a person who was lying down, but we shouldn’t be quick to judge. The person could’ve been unwell or tired. At least they were in the back of the audience instead of the front.

David Muñiz, @edavidm, posted a TikTok of himself at the Renaissance World Tour in Stockholm, with text that read: “Beyoncé, you don’t deserve this public, please come to LATAM, we will give you everything!!!!”

@edavidm Parecía una ted talk el concierto 😭☹️#renaissanceworldtour #beyonce #stockholm #renaissance ♬ original sound – David Muñiz

Users in the comments of Muñiz’s video also agreed with him, with one person writing, “Why did they even buy tickets?”

Source: TikTok / @edavidm
Source: TikTok / @edavidm
Source: TikTok / @edavidm

Aussie TikToker, Marques, @AlexRussostanaccount , stitched another video that called out the Beyoncé Stockholm crowd, saying, “Swedish crowds are horrid”.

@alexrussostanaccount #stitch with @Winston im glad more ppl are talking ab how strange sweden concerts are! ive found my people #harrystylesloveontour #renaissancestockholm ##loveontourstockholm#b#beyoncestockholmh#harrystylesstockholm2022 ♬ original sound – marques

Marques said:  “I saw Love On Tour in Sweden last year, and it was probably one of the worst shows I’ve ever been to.

“Not a single person in that crowd was moving, singing [or] even looked like they were enjoying themselves.

“Some girl told me to ‘shush’ when I was singing the words.”

Another user added on Marques’ post: “As a Swede, I’d say it’s just a cultural thing. It has nothing to do with not enjoying the show, it’s just a social thing ahaha it’s a bit complex.”

Other users also mentioned Sweden’s concert etiquette and that folks online shouldn’t judge others so quickly.

Caption: TikTok / @Queenrenaissance1
Caption: TikTok / @Alexrussostanaccount

Despite people’s attempts to explain the differences between cultures and concert etiquette, some folks thought Beyoncé threw shade at Sweden during her concert in Brussels, Belgium.

Before performing another song, the Renaissance artist told her Brussels audience that they were the best crowd of the tour so far. Brussels is only her second city after Sweden.

Look, I’m not from Sweden so I can’t speak personally to their concert culture. But for us living in Australia — which doesn’t even have concert dates (!!!) — the stadiums would be shaking if Beyoncé was here.

Fingers crossed those dates drop soon.