A Quick Explainer On The Many Controversies Of Belle Delphine, YouTuber & Certified PornHub Troll

Sometimes, you can’t help but respect the grift. So when kawaii vlogger Belle Delphine started bottling up her own bathwater and selling it to neckbeards for $30 a pop, she simultaneously earned the disgust and respect of the whole internet.

With this fame came a closet full of skeletons, while it also set the stage for future weirdness.

Now after being on hiatus for almost a year, Delphine is back, announcing her new OnlyFans in a Tweet (and accompanying music video video on YouTube) today.


In case you’ve forgotten exactly how chaotic this self-proclaimed gamer girl is, here’s a look back on all the weird shit that’s landed the 20-year-old in trouble.

The time she vandalised a car

Late last year, Delphine posted pictures of herself graffiting someone’s car, supposedly as revenge for stealing her hamster.

She later claimed she was arrested for the act, but literally nobody was able to confirm this independently.


It may be part of the grift, it may be a bit, or it may even be true. Regardless, its probably not the best light to be seen in.

Thankfully, the hamster was alive and well.

She was banned from Instagram

Thanks to Instagram’s prudish and somewhat selective content filters, it was no wonder Delphine was eventually banned from the platform.

The official explanation at the time was “nudity or pornography” which, personal beliefs aside, isn’t too surprising.


Then came allegations that there was a coordinated campaign against her, with haters religiously reporting her content until the platform finally booted her.

Now, Delphine’s got a new account with over 300,000 followers, but all the juiciest content is saved for her Patreon.

Her Patreon is wild

It’s pretty normal for online personalities to have exclusive feeds on Patreon, especially for those who are constantly being kicked off other platforms.

However, while Delphine’s membership levels start off at a relatively reasonable $1 or $5 per month, things get extreme fairly quickly.

For the sum of $2,500 per month, you can get access to Delphine’s Patreon feed, her NSFW Snapchat, exclusive Polaroid photos and, well, “more”.

“If you achieve this tier, please private message me,” she wrote.

“I’m not sure what reward I could give you, but we’ll talk about it.”

So far at least one person has admitted to forking out the $2,500 and asking for a two-hour Skype convo. As with the bathwater, good on her for getting that bank. As for the people forking over the cash…

To everyone other than her 1,200-odd patrons, this whole thing screams: grift (◕‿◕✿).

She allegedly passed of other models’ nudes as her own

In a video ominously titled “The End of Belle Delphine”, fellow camgirl Indigo White alleged that Delphine had passed off other models’ nudes as her own, and sold online as a way to get around the fact she was still underage at the time.

While Delphine never admitted to this, a bunch of legit-looking screenshots make it seem believable.

One of the adult content creators she is alleged to have used pics of, Minty Darling, confirmed as much of the evidence as she could and said she was shocked when she heard Delphine used her pics to pay for a trip to Venice.

“I made some poor choices [at Delphine’s age] as well… but I never did anything like that,” she told Rolling Stone.

She trolled PornHub

While Delphine was too raunchy for Insta, she apparently wasn’t raunchy enough for PornHub.

When she made her long-awaited debut on the site, people expected a natural progression from what she’d already been posting on SFW social media platforms.

What they got sure was a natural progression of her posts, but not in the way they expected.

One video entitled “PEWDIEPIE goes all the way INSIDE Belle Delphine” is literally just Delphine munching on a print-out of Pewdiepie’s face while winking at the camera.

Meanwhile, a video of her “squirting” is her playing a with a water pistol, while a video of her “scissoring” is her cutting out paper shapes.

Riveting stuff, but actually pretty funny.

However, her horny and disappointed fans (or haters, more accurately) responded by overwhelmingly disliking the 12 videos she uploaded.

Despite all this, or perhaps because of her trolling notoriety, Delphine ended up as the site’s most-searched-for celeb of 2019.

The grift works.