Belle Delphine, OnlyFans Shit-Stirrer, Has Come Out Swinging Against Trigger Warnings On Porn

OnlyFans star and XXX influencer Belle Delphine has defended a recent photoshoot which some viewers claimed “romanticised” rape and child abuse, claiming the backlash was the result of a “cancel culture shitty community” and slamming the concept of trigger warnings on graphic ‘consensual non-consent’ (CNC) porn.

“I am not apologising for anything,” Delphine said. “What I did wasn’t wrong, and much more normal than people think.”

On Wednesday, the 21-year-old model shared graphic images on Twitter which showed her bound by ropes and having sex with a balaclava-wearing man.

Scores of Twitter users took issue with her outfit, claiming it deliberately emulated a child’s clothes. Others said it was wrong for Delphine to share images suggestive of non-consensual sex without first issuing a warning for sexual assault survivors.

Belle Delphine refuted those claims in a deliberately standoffish Notes App non-apology, saying the photoshoot showed her safely exploring a consensual BDSM kink.

She appeared to point to one study which suggested the majority of women have experienced a rape fantasy, adding that insinuations she is “trying to dress like a child” are “insane”.

“It’s very confusing for me since I see other people dress like it all the time,” said Delphine, whose photos lean heavily on cartoonish themes and imagery.

“I will not apologise for it either nor will I stop being sexual since I am a sexually active adult,” she added.

Delphine’s latest denial that her content is suggestive of child abuse comes two months after Australia officially banned the importation of Japanese hentai – animated or illustrated porn which can include the graphic depiction of minors.

Several South Australian politicians expressed their concerns about the importation of hentai in February last year, with Senator Stirling Griff claiming such graphic content can act as a “gateway to the abuse of actual children.”

Despite some community concerns over her presentation of ‘consensual non-consent’, and broader concerns over the way she presents herself in her OnlyFans content, Delphine doubled down on Friday morning.

She shared images from her “second date” which emulated further abuse, and using the phrase “twigger warnwing (sic)” on a further video featuring a masked man.

Quite a leap from the bathwater thing, but here we are.

Help is available.

If you require immediate assistance, please call 000.

If you’d like to speak to someone about sexual violence, please call the 1800 Respect hotline on 1800 737 732 or chat online

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