Belle Delphine, CEO Of Gamer Girl Bathwater, Emerges From The Depths Of 2019 With A New Video

Guess who’s back, back again?

Gamer / “E-Girl” / Bath Water entrepreneur Belle Delphine has emerged from the depths of your 2019 memories only to resurface on the internet, with a brand new Youtube video titled ‘I’m Back’.  I’m going to warn you before we go any further, it’s not that safe for work (all g if you are working from home).

The video is a music video, with classic Belle Delphine themes such as dry humping teddybears, ahegao (a Japanese term for the facial expressions of female characters in hentai), cat ears, thigh high socks and no shortage of ass. The song is mostly by Senzawa, a musical artist with an anime persona, with a rap verse at the end from Belle (she is no Kendrick, unfortunately).

At the end of the video she plugs her new Instagram, Twitter and Only Fans, all of which I am ashamed to say I am already following.

Belle, 20, virtually disappeared from social media and the internet at large last year. Her Instagram was removed in July “for violating our Community Guidelines” according to a Facebook spokesperson and then the remainder of her online presence had disappeared by October.

There are a few theories on the reason for her hiatus. In July last year, Belle sold her “Gamer Girl Bath Water”, her bathwater in small tubs for $US30 a pop. This led to suspected legal trouble due to sending the product unlawfully through the mail.

There was also an arrest. Belle claims she vandalised someone’s car after they allegedly stole her hamster, although this was never proved or verified mostly due to suspicion around her reputation for trolling. At one point, Belle posted a mugshot and claimed she’d been arrested, but what for, no one is sure. As Mashable noted, her arrest does not appear in the London Metropolitan Police’s database, and appears to contain a photoshopped watermark.

Belle still has a Patreon account which subscribers can pay anywhere between $US1 – $2500 a month to see her content, however, she hasn’t posted anything since July. She currently has around 1,800 subscribers.

Delphine is controversial, a notorious troll, and hugely popular, so it’s impossible to ignore that she’s ‘back’. Take a look at these reactions: