Bec Cvilikas May Have Accidentally Given Away That Bella Wins Bachie Tonight & Wait, What?

Bella and Bec The Bachelor

We’ve had many a spoiler this season about what may happen at the end of the Bachelor road, but Bec Cvilikas may have just full-on leaked the winner and TBH I am shook.

Intruder Bec, who was eliminated on Wednesday night, spilt some pretty scalding tea on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, where her answers suggested that Bella is the one who will take home Locky Gilbert’s heart.

Despite the fact that the two are flatmates, Bec told the radio hosts that she would not be watching the finale with Bella tonight. Seems kinda strange given their living situation, which has made many assume that she will be watching with Locky instead.

“Will you both be watching together tonight?” asked Jackie O.

“We won’t be no. We’ll be separate tonight… we’re just going to watch it separately. Emotional one tonight, I can imagine, for everyone. It’s gonna be full on.”

You can listen to the segment of the interview where Bec is asked about Bella below at around 9:15 – 9:50.

Kyle also asked Bec about whether or not her living situation with Bella will change after the show if Locky chooses her over Irena.

In this juicy section, Bec talks about the situation almost as if it is a reality, which has given hope to Bella fans that she may just win this thing after all.

“So you two live together, and that may change if she wins?” asked Kyle.

“We’ll probably still live together regardless.” said Bec.

When asked if Bec and the winner had any bad blood, Bec’s response was a bit too much on the civil side, implying that she’s been in contact recently with the winner. (Her flatmate Bella mayhaps?)

“There’s no hard feelings between us,” she said, “I’m super excited for him and the lucky lady he’s chosen, so definitely no hard feelings.”

There have been many rumours about the finale which airs tonight, including ones where Locky gets rejected by his final pick, Bella was rigged to be in the final two, and the juiciest one of all, that Locky and his new partner are not going so well at the moment.

Guess we’ll just have to tune in tonight to get all the actual tea.