Bec Says All The Bachie Drama Is ‘100% Real’ & Everything Will Come Out Sooner Or Later

Bec Cvilikas

As a result of last night’s brutal jump between hometown dates and the final two, intruder Bec Cvilikas was sent packing. In her own words, Bec’s time on The Bachelor was “short and sweet”. And even though things didn’t go the way she thought they would, Bec still had a really great experience. Like honestly, no regrets at all.

Despite coming in as an intruder, Bec formed a genuinely strong connection with Locky Gilbert. So much so that during her last rose ceremony, Bec did expect to get a rose. Nothing Locky had said or did during their time together made her think otherwise.

“But watching it back now and seeing the way he was with Bella [Varelis] and Irena [Srbinovska] from the beginning, I totally understand why I didn’t get a rose in the end,” Bec said.

“There’s no hard feelings between us,” she continued. “I’m super excited for him and the lucky lady he’s chosen, so definitely no hard feelings.”

Bec, in case you missed it, is also very good mates with Bella. The pair were roommates in the Bachelor mansion, and were even spotted (wayyy before the finale) grabbing lunch in Bondi last week, which only fuelled theories of you know what.

So, what does Bec think of the falling out between former best friends Bella and Irena?

Firstly, the drama is “one hundred per cent” real.

“I think in situations like being on The Bachelor, everything is naturally a lot more heightened,” Bec explained. “You literally feel like you’re in a bubble with all these other girls. In reality, if you want to escape something you could, but in the mansion you can’t. So everything you see is real – the feelings are real, the emotions are real.”

Like a number of the Bachie women this season, Bec said there’s so much going on behind the scenes that people don’t see. And a lot of that is true when it comes to Bella and Irena’s doomed friendship.

To be honest, Bec reckons it’s for the best that Bella and Irena went their separate ways.

“There’s no point in trying to hold onto something that’s not working,” she said.

She also “highly doubts” that they’ve been in touch since filming ended.

“Their friendship wasn’t overly positive in the end,” Bec added. “It is what it is, I’m sure it’ll all come out sooner or later.”


As for tonight’s finale, well, Bec doesn’t know who the ~ chosen one ~ is.

Both Bella and Irena have told Locky that they’re in love with him and, as we saw in last night’s preview of the finale, Locky told them both (separately, obvs) that he loves them too.

“Locky’s a very passionate person and I definitely do think he reacts in the moment,” she said of the preview.

A fair assessment if I do say so myself.

“I’ve never been in love with one person, let alone two, so I don’t know how he did it,” Bec said. “But watching it back, I can see he’s got two really strong connections and two very special connections for different reasons as well.

“He falls hard, it’ll be very interesting to see who he chose in the end.”

The Bachelor finale kicks off tonight, 7.30pm on Channel 10.

P.S. Yes, Bec is totally keen for Bachelor in Paradise. I’ll eat my ass if she isn’t on the next season.