Beauty & The Geek‘s latest makeover went to Sam Ready, and I cannot get over the fact his ginormous red curls are gone. Who is this man standing in front of me???

Sam has been on of the quieter Geeks this season, and we’ve seen a little less from him than the others I think – not because of a lack of growth or change, but because he’s had more trouble opening up.

He said he’s always been really shy, and seven episodes into Beauty & The Geek, that hasn’t changed too much. Really, the only things I definitely know about him are that he’s 23 years old, an AFL fanatic, and once went to a strip club but refuses to tell anyone what happened there. For some reason. (Between you and me, I don’t really think it was that wild).

Anyway, I actually think that’s probably why it was great he got the makeover this week. He really needs the confidence boost.

And boy did he get it!

Look at this glow up!!!

Beauty & The Geek’s Sam Got A Makeover This Week So Goodbye To His Napoleon Dynamite Curls
Get it king!! Image: Nine

The way everyone screamed and hyped Sam up was so cute. This show is tew much, I’m constantly crying.

I was a bit worried when I first saw his shadowy figure coming out of the dark, because it was immediately clear his hair had been cut, which we knew he was nervous about. He’d said it was part of his identity, and well, of course that’s not something you want him to lose.

But now I reckon changing his hair was a good thing. It pushes Sam not to rely on just one thing to be his conversation starter, and that means he’ll have to push himself out of his comfort zone. Which is what we’re all about on this show, right???

“You look a little bit like a hotter Jonas brother,” Sophie Monk told sam, and honestly watching this cutie blush all the way down to his toes was adorable.

When Sam finally saw his new look in the mirror he was shocked, because he didn’t expect to look that different. Imagine thinking  you’re beyond the help of a professional stylist??? It broke my heart.

Talking to 9Entertainment, Sam said: “It’s hard to put into words, it was just a really fun experience.”

“Obviously I’ve had my hair cut before, but I’d never had my afro that big, and to have it all cut, it was a big deal.”

Yes it was, Sam. And you took it like a champ!! We love this for you.