I have been OBSESSED with Beauty & The Geek this year despite never having really watched it before, because it is honestly so beautiful and wholesome. Like, crying in the club wholesome. And today one of my fave Geeks, Kiran Rao, just got the makeover of a lifetime – not that he even needed one.

Kiran became one of my faves from the get-go. He is super sweet, a surprisingly good communicator, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s been smitten with Bryanna since day one, and really made the effort to let her know how special she is.

And on top of all that, Kiran is actually super cute too. A genuinely attractive man. He honestly didn’t even need a makeover! That beard? That smile? My heart hath already been won.

But if Kiran knew how gorgeous he already is, I suppose he wouldn’t be on Beauty & The Geek in the first place. I mean, isn’t this show, this journey even, all about learning to build connections and love yourself at the same time? And it pleases me to say folks, we’ve definitely made a heap of progress on *both* those fronts, because our adorable Kiran just got a makeover… and now he is hot as fuck.

kiran makeover full

Yeah, I wasn’t kidding. He joked in the show about looking like he’s part of a boyband, but as a former One Direction stan, let me tell you – this look is doing wonders on me.

Look at that jawline!!! I was initially devo at the loss of his beard, but now that I see what it was hiding… well, the stylist is forgiven.

kiran makeover
The beard loss took a toll on me, but it was a worthy sacrifice. Image: Nine

Kiran actually mouthed “Are you sure I look okay?” to Bryanna across the room, and she mouthed back that she loved it. The way these two are already communicating to each other without actually talking… brb, crying again.

You know what the most beautiful part of this makeover was for me though? The fact that Bryanna made sure to let Kiran know that she liked him just as much before his new look. That he was already enough for her. That this makeover was for him and *his* confidence – not for her attraction to him. Ugh, you guys. I was NOT expecting this to make me so emotional.

It is so refreshing to watch reality TV that doesn’t have a villain arc or revolve around sabotaging others. I need more of it.

You can stream Kiran’s Beauty & The Geek makeover on 9Now.