Four Blokes Were Transformed Into Total Hotties During Last Night’s Wild Beauty & The Geek Ep

The latest Beauty and the Geek Australia makeovers are here. Yep, that’s makeovers plural because on Monday night’s episode, four of the Geeks were transformed into total hotties.

Let’s suss out how they all went, shall we?

Jason’s Beauty and the Geek makeover

First up there’s 29-year-old Jason, a data scientist from Victoria and a talented musician, who admitted that he had evolved a lot since joining the show.

During the ep, he said he could “barely muster standing within 20 meters of the Beauties.”

The dude even admitted he wears his PJ shorts while shopping which is certainly… a choice.

Now he’s so hawwwt that his paired Beauty Emily was absolutely losing it over his transformation (as were we!).

Hello Christmas!

Aaron’s Beauty and the Geek makeover

Next up we have 30-year-old NSW train driver Aaron who said he’s “ready to start living now” after evolving from drab to fab and pass the fkn tissues please. That’s me done.

“I’m speechless,” he added after seeing how far he’d come.

“I’ve never felt more sexy ever. I just want to say I feel like the luckiest geek in the world,” he added.


Anthony’s Beauty and the Geek makeover

Then there’s 26-year-old Harry Potter nerd Anthony who said he finally feels “handsome”.

“It was very emotional,” he said post-transformation.

“Why can’t you love yourself and be proud of who you are?” he added.

Well we love you, hun. And so does your Beauty, by the looks of things!

Michael’s Beauty and the Geek makeover

And finally, children’s party entertainer Michael, 25, cleaned up his look and as his Beauty Tara put it, he was already a “cutie” but now he’s a “hottie”.

“Oh damn,” the NSW bloke said after seeing how he’d changed. “Ok. I’ll accept this.”

“Obviously I fell for you before, but this is a cherry on top,” Tara added.

“I’m not complaining!”

“A sexy bonus?” host Sophie Monk interjected.

“I’m glad to be your sexy bonus,” said Michael.


Christopher Mattiske’s Beauty and the Geek makeover

It comes after Christopher Mattiske got all tizzed up and tell me why this man looks like he would ghost me on Bumble. I say this with love, of course.

The 30-year-old software engineer/ international Yu-Gi-Oh! champion joined the Beauty and the Geek cast because he wanted to expand his circles to people who don’t share his interests. Which is probably a majority of the population so I love the dedication.

He also said he wants to develop a sense of style because he’s always been “insecure about [his] looks”, especially because people keep comparing him to Mick Jagger. Who is 79-years-old. Honestly, with that hair… I see it.

Christopher before his makeover on Beauty and the Geek Australia 2022
Mick Jr? Image source: Nine

Well it looks like Christopher’s checked off at least one of his goals because his makeover is STUNNING. Peep it below.

Look at that smoulder!!!! Honestly, it’s wild how something as simple as a haircut can be such a game changer. This man is a certified cutie if I’ve ever seen one.

Christopher's makeover in Beauty And The Geek
It’s giving Spencer Reid!!!!!! Image source: Nine

No one was happier for our boi Christopher than his Beauty Bri Auty.

“She’s always building me up,” Christopher said of Bri.

“I wanna show her that I can absolutely be the person that she believes I can be.”

Brb, sobbing. Which funnily enough was also what Bri was doing when he walked out. She was so overwhelmed with pride she burst into tears and could barely get a word out — but she did tell him he looks “so good”.

The wholesomeness never ceases with this show.

Mike’s Beauty and the Geek makeover

Mike was the first Geek to be transformed.

The 20-year-old Batman enthusiast — who has been paired with “hype girl” Heidi, a 20-year-old waitress — entered the makeover den in the show’s first episode and the results did not disappoint.

Pre-makeover, Mike had a bushy, scraggly beard, long-ish brown hair (that I actually thought was really cute tbh), and glasses. Here’s what he looked like:

Mike from Beauty & The Geek before his makeover
Look at that those huge possum eyes!!! Image: Nine

Honestly, look at those huge eyes! And that clear skin! There is so much to show off here. Are you ready for the makeover???? Peep it below:

Yes, that’s right, the beard and glasses have been axed and Mike now looks like this:

Mike Beauty & The Geek Makeover
It’s giving HOLLYWOOD. Image: Nine

Are you KIDDING me????????

Look at how that smile shines!!! The lashes!!! That sweet face is SHINING.

Mike later told producers that he’s “never actually been called hot before” but he’s “feeling it now.”

His on-screen partner Heidi also gushed over his new look, calling him “perfect”. The hype is so real!!

“It was like someone has just switched a light on inside of him,” she said.

“He just shone.”

Watch his reveal again and tell me his excitement and tentative confidence doesn’t stir something deep in your soul.

This is what I love about Beauty and the Geek: the genuine effort from everyone on the show to be kind, the open-mindedness and willingness to challenge each other, and the makeovers.

And honestly it’s not even shallow to love the makeovers because they aren’t actually about making the show’s Geeks “hot” or giving us a spectacle.

What the makeovers really do is give these men the confidence to realise they were *always* hot and likeable — that being hot is a vibe, a lifestyle that anyone can embody — and sometimes it just takes a change of perspective, scenery or thought process to realise it.

Ugh, I’m emotional.

You can watch Beauty and the Geek Australia on Sundays at 7pm, and then Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm. Catch up on episodes you’ve missed on 9Now!