BBC Releases ‘Sherlock’ Mini Episode Ahead Of Season 3 Premiere

Steven Moffat and the elves of the BBC have gifted unto us an exquisite treat to satiate inimitable Sherlock appetites; behold the seven minute mini episode and Sherlock season 3 taster, ‘Many Happy Returns’.

What precious details can we divulge with a trained, hawk eyed-like finesse from this fleeting vignette? As per Sherlock’s marketing campaign that saw a hearse travel about London, the cliff hanger of season two [SPOILER] is its blatant focus, summed up in a hashtag that begs the question of but how..? with #SherlockLives. ‘Many Happy Returns’ shows us that the reign of the world’s most cunning detective is in full swing, and decidedly not six feet under; the conspiracy theories surrounding Sherlock’s untimely death are rampant, and the heady bromance between Watson and Sherlock is – in John’s heartbreak – as wrenching as ever. 

Watch ‘Many Happy Returns’ below. Sherlock season 3 returns to the UK BBC on January 1.