WATCH: ‘Sherlock’ Drops New Trailer, Time-Travels To Victorian Era

After two years stalling on a new episode of the absolutely massive drama series Sherlock (rude, tbh), the BBC has finally dropped a new trailer for the series’ upcoming special.

The stand-alone ep will launch supersleuths Holmes and Watson – played/totally embodied by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman – back to their characters’ plaid-clad beginnings in Victorian England, and the fandom has gone absolutely boonta trying to work out what it all means.

The super spesh episode hasn’t yet been given a release date, so when fans aren’t busy dissecting this welcome little gift, they’ll have to burn through the first nine eps. Again. Not like that’s a problem, though.
Questions that are sure to be raised: 

What’s up with the hoods?

What mysteries could this moustache possibly hold?

Will we ever get over these piercing blue eyes? 
Image via BBC.