First Trailer For ‘Sherlock’ Season 3 Teases Insufferably

The first teaser trailer for BBC‘s much anticipated season 3 of Sherlock, following up the frustrating mother of all cliffhangers, has landed; issuing a polite well fuck you, fans, by revealing nothing and toying with loyal audience emotions.

Ugh. I should have known better; for some reason I expected the BBC to deliver me this,
But I was delivered a cold, bitter slap in the fandom instead. The things we can ascertain from the precious 26 seconds that hint at Sherlock season 3 [SPOILERS]:
– Sherlock is definitely alive—that wasn’t some ghostly mirage at the end of season 2 designed to confuse—and is indulging in some fashionable trolling of his old mates
– The puppy dog loyalty of his accomplice John Watson goes beyond elementary, as he seems to have grown a flagrant moustache to mourn his BFF/lover’s passing
– Sherlock’s neighbour/perpetually teased landlord is still cleaning up after him
– Classy man John Watson epitomises his elegance, raises it to new heights as he drinks water from a wine glass at a decadent dinner table
Sherlock appears to have lifted their soundtrack from Dexter?
And those measly scrapings found lurking at the bottom of the barrel is all, folks; what a dramatic way to elevate hopes ahead of the inevitably lengthy wait until season 3 airs. A tell-nothing trailer mustn’t have been enough to falsely pique the interests of Sherlock’s loyal fanbase, as creator Mark Gatiss stated that the show’s dashing star Benedict Cumberbatch still looks very trim and gets more handsome every year.” Enough. Stop.

Via THR.