Barry Humphries Doubles Down On Waleed Hate, Calls Logie Win “Depressing”

Dame Edna Everage, the iconic alter ego of Barry Humphries, has taken another weird swipe at Waleed Aly, following on from a baffling appearance on The Project.

Dressed in what appeared to be some sort of faux-possum-corpse cape and pyjamas, she implied that maybe Aly doesn’t believe in sex as well as making a few cryptic comments that seemed like they were intended as insults but were mostly just awkward and nonsensical.
Helping to clarify that he’s no great fan of Waleed’s, Humphries apparently told a reporter from The Australian that he thought Aly’s Logies win was “very depressing”, when asked about it at a restaurant they spotted him at in Sydney‘s Darlinghurst:
“The doyen of comedy was seated on the “David Leckie table”, just one over from the “Harold Mitchell table”, where we were sitting. … Humphries made a stir the other week when as Dame Edna he sparred with Waleed Aly on Ten’s The Project. So on our way out we asked for Humphries’ thoughts on Aly’s Gold Logie win. It was news to the visiting Londoner. “That’s very depressing,” he told us.”
Humphries has been doing the character now for over 50 years and it’s pretty obvious neither the character or the man himself have changed at all with the times, having made some absolutely disgusting comments about Caitlyn Jenner and trans women in general. 
Source: The Australian.
Photo: The Project.