Oooh Boi: The Bachie In Paradise Cast Have Declared Sides In The Wild Ciarran Vs Renee Drama

Last night, Ciarran Stott’s ‘yuge secret was finally exposed in the second ep of Bachelor In Paradise, and it was a wild ride.

In case ya missed the ep, Ciarran threatened to leave the show when his ex Renee Barrett revealed he had secretly been in contact with her when he was on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette in 2019.

Barrett suggested that her ex had quit the series in order to rekindle their romance, which is contradictory to what he told Angie at the time as he said he was leaving because his grandmother had just passed away.

Read our recap here for more about the bin-fire episode that got all of Australia talking, including other Bachie folk.

Soon-to-be intruder Kiera Maguire took pity on Stott on Insta, writing: “I actually feel for you, @ciarranstott.”

When a fan asked why she didn’t sympathise with Renee, Keira responded: “All I’m saying is it’s not fair to bring outside drama onto a show.

“It doesn’t sit well me, to be honest.”

The comment exchange was later reposted by Insta fan account BachieFunny, which pointed out that Keira is probs Team Ciarran, rather than Team Renee, because her ex Jarrod Woodgate is dating Renee’s close friend Sam Royce and the three of them are mates.


“Could Keira taking Ciarran’s side have anything to do with Renee living with Jarrod’s girlfriend Sam and them all being best mates?” BachieFunny asked.

Things got even spicier when Renee concurred with the IG page’s sentiment, writing: “Yep hahahah.”

Keira then insisted that she’s “not taking any sides” and that she just thinks it “should have been left outside the show.”

Jamie Doran also weighed in on the drama, writing: “Wow! @keiramaguire supporting everyone who’s NOT the victim. Jog on.”

Damn, and we’re only at episode two! Bring on the rest of the season.

Bachelor in Paradise continues Wednesday at 7:30pm on Channel 10.