The Suss Citizens Of The Internet Reckon Badge & Brooke Didn’t Paint Themselves

Hello, it’s time to find out what the internet thought about tonight’s ep of The Bachelor, and wow, what a wild FINALE WEEK ride everyone. Thank God this is finally almost over.

We start off with a single date for Badge and Sophie, and they decide to go skydiving, and frankly I’m surprised more of us weren’t screaming at the television that this didn’t need to happen.

Still, some aren’t entirely convinced about Soph finally being vulnerable with Badge during the sit down and chat portion of their day together.

Britt‘s turn for some quality time, and he offers her a climb up some stairs to the top of a lighthouse, and the icecream sustenance required to make that trip.

He also pulls out a fucken string quartet for the dinner date section, and they dance on grass in heels – well he’s wearing boots, but he can’t dance – and it’s no good.

Still, all of that is overshadowed by Brittany’s choice to CONFRONT Nick about his previous dalliances with Cass, and aren’t we past this yet?

Onto Brooke‘s date, which involves a motorcycle, and then the pair body painting each other to make a picture. The picture is ultimately quite good, which seems at odds with the incredibly terrible love heart Badge painted on Brooke’s forehead.

The internet was reasonably sceptical, because hey, who draws a heart like that but then draws two perfect figures in front of a sun. I totally believe he drew the ocean though.

When they sit down to talk feelings, Brooke tries to get Badger to be equally as vulnerable as she and the other women are expected to be.

And so we finally arrive at a tense rose ceremony.

And Brooke walks tf out because she needs that clarity from Cummins. She meets Osher for one brief moment and he ushers her to HB.

But the rugby dude won’t give her the reassurance she – and by extension us, the Australian people – needs.

So she decides to leave of her own accord and can you hear that? It’s the sound of the people online cheering for their girl for using her goddamn agency and splitting from a man who is being deliberately withholding (possibly for contractual reasons).

Over the course of the ep, some viewers have come around to the tabloid theory that Badge is actually rooting Cass these days.

Until the final episode, tomorrow, you beautiful, beautiful lovebirds.