‘Bachie’ Angel Emma Roche Has Been Cosying Up To ‘MAFS’ Bro Dean Wells And Honey, No

Emma Roche

She loves love. She loves being in love. LOVE, GUYS. Emma Roche, fresh off her stint as The Bachelor’s neatly edited stage 5 clinger character — aka just a woman who is honest about her feelings — might have found herself a new fella. And, folks, it’s Dean Wells from like 2 season of MAFS ago. That’s right, the self-described “bloke’s bloke” who once spent an episode listing the women he’d have sex with.

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Old mate Dean really hates us at PEDESTRIAN.TV, perhaps because we once said: “If there is a single woman in Australia left willing to fuck Dean Wells after this entire trash fire is over, then I will eat my (very small) hat.”

It turns out maybe there is one woman who wants to fuck him, and that woman might be sweet Emma. Honey, no. The two posed for a happy snap on Dean’s Instagram, which seemed like less of a couple pic and more of an ad for wine, to be completely honest.

He captioned the pic with: “If anything good ever came of reality TV its meeting this amazing human and sharing a glass of [Little Ripples Wine]”. In the image, he is clutching both Emma and a bottle of wine at the same time.

While it could be totally innocent, a heap of fellow ex-reality TV stars have commented some pretty lovey-dovey stuff, including Sarah Roza chiming in with: “Ohhhh yay!!! Congrats lovebirds!” plus two love heart emojis, Jesse Konstantinoff saying: “Congratulations champ” and MAFS nana Melissa Walsh dropping a “Yessssssss!!!!! So happy for you. Congrats Dean and Emma”.

Nasser Sultan added: “Oh dear ! She needs to visit spec savers . They have 30% of”, which definitely would have been a sicker burn if he’d managed to spell “off” correctly.

I’m genuinely confused as to whether this is a case of two ex-reality stars coming together in a moment of beautiful romance or just two ex-reality stars with a combined following of 105k Instagram followers coming together in a moment of shared sponsored content.

You better believe I’ll be watching Dean’s Instagram like a hawk for updates (I won’t).