Man Claims To Have Seen ‘Endgame’ 110 Times Which Is Simply Too Many Times

You’ve probably seen Avengers: Endgame once by now. A lot of you have probably seen it two or three times. The superfans out there? They’ve probably racked up a decent handful of viewings at this stage, and know the film pretty solidly back to front. But there’s one bloke in Florida who now claims to have seen Endgame, in the cinema, a staggering 110 times. And he’s got the receipts to prove it.

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Agustin Alanis has been chronicling his frankly insane Endgame mission on Twitter, posting a photo with the ticket stub and an employee each time he’s popped into a local cinema in the Riverview area of Florida, just south of Tampa. The latest of which, earlier today, marks his claimed 110th viewing of the film.

Early yesterday Alanis notched his claimed 103rd viewing of the film, which is significant given that that would equal the Guinness World Record for Most Cinema Productions Attended – Same Film; a record that was set in July last year by Anthony Mitchell, who saw Avengers: Infinity War a verified 103 times.

If the claimed number of screenings seen is correct at 110, that would mean Alanis has seen Avengers: Endgame an average of just under 2.4 times per day since it was released on April 26th in the United States. That’s 436.8 minutes – or 7.28 hours – of watching Endgame every day, in the cinema, for 46 consecutive days.

Of course there are some discrepancies in the claimed amount of viewings, particularly with regards to if Alanis has been sitting through the entire movie each time, or if he’s been bailing partway through to “attend” a later screening.

In particular, the gap between his claimed 101st and 102nd screenings is only 2 hours and 36 minutes, according to Twitter timestamps, which is well below the film’s 3 hour, 2 minute run time and certainly doesn’t account for things like pre-screening ads and trailers.

Still, if verified it easily eclipses the old world record and sets a new high bar for fan obsession. And for that we can only commend old mate. We suggest he gets some sort of nice cushion for his clearly-aching ass, but we commend him nonetheless.