Australian Magazine Enlists Hipster Grifter

Last year a “petite Korean” swindler named Kari Ferrell made international headlines after she feigned pregnancy, cancer and employment to siphon money from horny dudes with beards. She was dubbed the Hipster Grifter and eventually served time in jail for fraud and theft among other charges.

She’s since been released and like most modern day fameballers Ferrell has managed to parlay her “internet fame” into media gigs, including one for newly launched Australian pop culture mag Spook.

Says Kari: I have been appointed as the official AMERICAN correspondent for Spook Magazine, and thought that it would be my duty as a Freedom Fighter to tell you how we AMERICANS view the average Australian, and your fine country. I also knew that there had to be more to the Land Down Under than Vegemite, marsupials, and poor hygiene; so I set out in pursuit of the truth.

She then goes on to write an assumptions based sex column with pearls of wisdom like “Australia is the place to go if you like loose women and hate to work”.

It’s a crazy world we live in.