Gawker Searches For The Hipster Of The Decade

Yeah we know, we know. Hipster is a loaded word and overused and devoid of meaning – a vague notion of beards and flannel shirts and art dilettantes and fixed gear bikes and DSLRs and Animal Collective and dangerous levels of irony. But in an effort to put the word in its rightful place, in lexicon heaven next to “recessionista”, “2.0” and “I’m just sayin’” (hipster?) media outlet Gawker are on the hunt for the Hipster of the decade.

The New York leaning nominees include The Hipster Grifter Kari Ferrell (who currently leads voting), Vice founder Gavin McInnes and the voice of the interwebs Carles of Hipster Runoff but only time will who’ll win the title then reject it claiming not to be a hipster while secretly relishing the fact that they’re Gawker’s hipster of the decade. Let’s hope the word goes six feet under too. Reading about trucker hats in trend pieces penned in 2009 is pretty fucking infuriating.

Check it here.

The nominees are:
Kari Ferrell
Gavin McInnes
Carles of Hipster Runoff
Paul Sevigny
Dash Snow
Dov Charney
The MisShapes
The Williamsburg Hair Man
Angel Hess, of the Purple Truck
The Concept of the Black Hipster