If you hate the idea of hipsters and their impractical modes of transport, unkempt facial hair, and blind pillaging of subcultures gone by you should stop reading now because that word, the H word, is gonna be cropping up like vulturous art dilettantes at an exhibition with free booze.

I apologize but it really is unavoidable. Anyway as we reported last year the folks from Gawker (by way of public vote) searched for the “Hipster Of The Decade” and to no one’s surprise, Carles, the enigmatic custodian of Hipster Runoff was crowned King. Besides being singlehandedly responsible for the proliferation of the word bro, unnecessary quotation marks and the everyday use of real and imagined marketing jargon such as entry level, personal brand and meme economy, Hipster Runoff is the web’s most accurate litmus test of one’s ability to “get things” and is consistently hilarious, creative and plain genius…so yay!

Due in part to his legions of fans and mastery of social networking Carles garnered a third of the total vote edging out the formidable mustaches of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney and Vice founder Gavin McInnes who accidentally drank his own urine as a result. True story.

Congratulations to Carles who may or may not be an Asian writer Gawker once called “perhaps the single most irritating person we’ve ever had to deal with”, or a white collar worker from Texas named Carlos, or maybe, just maybe, a team of writers armed with supreme self awareness and a style guide penned by a far too earnest 14 year old with learning difficulties. Whoever you are no one quite nailed the tight jeaned music elitists like you bro.