‘Hipster’ Article Scribe Calls Us “Ridiculous Hipsters”

In an ironic (hipster buzz word) way, an interesting dialogue has been sparked between The Punch columnist Robert Burton-Bradley, Pedestrian, and several readers of online media in response to Burton-Bradley’s critical assessment of the Hipster movement “The hipster has no clothes” and Pedestrian editor Ash’s subsequent article “Why The Punch’s Hipster Takedown is Belated, Pointless and Unintentionally Hilarious”.

Thanks to social network channels and the beauty of online media’s immediacy, proverbial gauntlets have been thrown – the most recent of which is a tweet by Burton-Bradley referring to Pedestrian as a ridiculous hipster website “magazine”. Several people have contributed to the dialogue with comments, tweets, etc in support of both sides:

The most interesting thing about all this back-and-forth is that something as supposedly “over” as hipster bashing has triggered all this discourse and I’m confused. Could it be that Robert was right and Ash was wrong? Is the Hipster parley still as relevant as ever? Is this some kind of weird self-fulfilling prophecy whereby our involvement with the hipster dialogue does indeed make us a ridiculous hipster website “magazine”? Am I now a hipster by default?

All this on the eve of the Walkley Award nomination announcements*. How ’bout that.

*N.B. Pedestrian.tv and Robert Burton-Bradley received zero.