Apple Fans Go Nuts Over iPad

Heaps of losers lined up for several hours – some overnight – outside Australia’s Apple stores in rabid anticipation of the launch of the much-awaited iPad.

The Telegraph reported that Apple staff took down a black curtain covering the front of the store before running clapping and cheering up and down the line.

The first person through the door of Sydney’s George Street Apple store was engineering student Rahul Koduri, 22, who arrived at 2am yesterday. Mr Koduri told a reporter from The Australian he already owned an iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iMac, MacBook and MacBook Air. “It’s an amazing product, revolutionary in many ways, because five years from now that’s the only kind of device you will have in your hand,” Mr Koduri said.

As ‘Skidhead of Mildura’ commented earlier today: when you see nerdy fanboys in line, you have to assume the worst.

(Having said that, I once lined up for hours to get Kylie Minogue tickets. PS WORTH IT.)

Shit got ugly when Alan Pryke, photographer for The Australian, was roughed up by one of Apple’s security guards. He said, “A security guard just grabbed me by the shirt and pushed me back. I said ‘don’t touch me’ and he said ‘I didn’t touch you’.” Mr Pryke told the security guard that his actions were captured by other photographers present. Like this:

Will you get an iPad?
What is worth lining up overnight for? Besides Kylie Minogue.