Hey Look, Apple Has Released A New iPod Touch

Well, would you look at that. After years of absolutely nothing on the iPod front, Apple has dropped an updated iPod Touch with a new processor.

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It doesn’t sound like much, but the last time a Touch was released was about four years ago, which means those using the device for gaming would be struggling to keep up with newer releases. The latest model now packs an A10 Fusion chip, has Group FaceTime functionality, and can support augmented reality apps. Essentially, Apple’s bringing the music device up to iPhone standards, albeit, on the lower end of the current spectrum.

To be honest, that’s pretty much it. It seems like this is the minimum Apple could do to keep the Touch line alive, but now that the new gaming subscription service, Apple Arcade is almost here, it’s a smart way to make sure it’s available across a wide range of Apple devices.

On the other hand, I don’t think I know anyone who uses or would purchase an iPod Touch in 2019, which makes me think this is still an alternative for parents who are sick of handing their iPhones over to their kids to game on. Starting at $299, it’s certainly much cheaper than a new entry-level iPhone and has all the functionality a kid would want without the phone and network data part.

If you are keen on picking one up, they’ll come in three different sizes: $299 for 32GB, $499 for 128GB, and $599 for 256GB, and six different colours: space grey, white, gold, blue, pink and red. They’re available for order right now.