A Tell-All Memoir Has Revealed The $77 Lunch Anna Wintour Eats Everyday & The World Is Baffled

A tell-all biography on Anna Wintour has apparently revealed her indulgent and mildly unsettling lunch order. Not only is the cost of this lunch higher than my groceries budget for an entire week, it’s also just altogether a really weird meal.

Well well well, how the other half live! Weirdly, apparently!

According to the New York PostAnna: The Biography by Amy Odell spills a bunch of tea about Vogue’s editor-in-chief. But people are mostly interested in Wintour’s daily midday steak and no veg.

Yeah. Apparently Wintour began ordering a “steak and caprese salad without the tomatoes” for lunch when Condé Nast moved offices to 1 World Trade Center in 2014.

Let’s break the gastronomical affront of an order down, shall we?

TBH I had to look up exactly what a caprese salad is, because for like too many things in my life my only frame of reference here is The Sims.

You know how caprese salad is the only thing new Sims know how to make and it’s like three simoleons?

And when you’re starting a new game you make them survive on a bed that makes them angry and eat caprese salads and you make them paint and paint and paint for money until they wet themselves and have stink lines and are cursing at you like the malevolent God you are?

It’s just so real to life.

Anyway, it’s really hard to see what’s in a caprese salad from just those pixels but upon Googling, I found that it’s basically just mozzarella cheese, basil and tomatoes.

A delicious trio! A non-problematic throuple!

Not according to Anna Wintour though. She orders her steak with a side of cheese and basil (she apparently eats this EVERY DAY, mind you). You’d reckon that because she gets it sans tommies she’d cop a bit of a discount, right?


According to Grub Street, ordering this meal from the same restaurant Wintour ordered it from would cost $77.33. And let me remind you once again that she supposedly eats this daily!

SEVENTY SEVEN American dollars a day for lunch. That’s like, one bajillion Australian dollarydoos (it’s actually more like $112 AUD but still, that’s fucked).

This reveal brings to mind that iconic scene in The Devil Wears Prada, where Andy Sachs (Anne Hathaway) prepares a steak for her boss Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep) upon her request, only to smash it in the sink in frustration after Priestly decides to go out for lunch instead.

If that fake steak was based on Wintour’s apparent penchant for very plain steaks, it would have canonically cost as much as the real thing. Why on Earth would you smash a $77 meal in the sink Andy?! Eat it up babe! It’s probably delicious.

Might want to get some tomatoes from the Woolies Metro to add to it though. They have them in New York right?