Anna Wintour Flexes Her Comedy Muscles In Sketch With Seth Meyers

A sketch from Late Night with Seth Meyers has been released, which in a bit of a shock cameo, includes Vogue editor and fashion comedy icon Anna Wintour.

The sketch shows us that underneath Anna’s cool and ever-so-slightly terrifying exterior, she is actually quite the comedy genius, whose comedy CV includes creating the concepts for both Seinfeld and Saturday Night Live?! Who knew. At much as Seth thinks otherwise, it seems like Anna is, as per usual, tha bo$$. 
When you are all done realising the true inventor of modern comedy, watch this interview where Seth interviews Anna about the fashion at the 2015 Met Ball, and whether she seated herself between Bradley Cooper and George Clooney for a reason. 
As scary as Anna seems in the The September Issue, turns out she’s a normal human being, and quite hilarious:
What a boss-bitch.