Animal Videos Obliterate Nine’s ‘The Hotplate’ In Ratings Three Weeks Straight

Somebody in the Channel Seven programming department is about to get a hefty pay rise and a pat on the back – if it hasn’t happened already.

In what’s becoming a common theme for the network, their series of “…Make You Laugh Out Loud” shows has been slaying everything in the ratings for three straight weeks.
Following the dominating success of both Cats Make You… and last week’s ratings juggernaut Dogs Make You…, the network aired the latest instalment Pets Make You LOL last night.
And the numbers are in – 1.5million people across the country tuned in to watch it.

That figure comprised of 943,000 viewers from metro areas, again making it the most watched non-news show on TV for the night, soundly beating Channel Nine‘s competing cooking show The Hotplate for the third consecutive week.

The third episode in the series managed to beat out Cats in terms of viewing numbers, but it wasn’t enough to topple last week’s gargantuan figures pulled in by Dogs. This curiously stands in direct opposition to the long-known internet metric of “When in doubt, cats.”
And if you thought things might wrap up there in a neat little package that follows the ole’ rule of threes, think again.
Channel Seven immediately took the news of their hat trick of ratings successes to announce the imminent arrival of Animals Make You LOL – because apparently we’re just zooming out now – which will hit the airwaves next Tuesday in the same timeslot.

There’s no point hiding how much you like this. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.