Seven’s Ratings Hit ‘Make You LOL’ Is Returning With Pensioners & Christmas

Because you clearly could not get enough of it last time (seriously, literal millions of people watched it) Channel Seven is going back to the most inexplicable well of 2015 and bringing you another tilt at the ‘…Make You LOL‘ series.
The literal show of cat and dog videos proved to be the unexpected ratings smash hit of the year, delivering the network in excess of a million viewers each week and digging them out of the ratings crater that their ill-fated ‘Restaurant Revolution‘ experiment left.
And because that barrel is not even close to being scraped, we are now set for round two in July.
The YouTube-videos-with-narration series kicks off on July 5th at 7:30pm with ‘Puppies Make You LOL,’ which will surely have people reaching for the like button on their TV remotes.
The series will run on Tuesday nights, and subsequent episodes will cover such disparate themes as ‘Toddlers,’ ‘Budgies,’ ‘Christmas,’ and ‘Pensioners.’
Yes, you read that correctly.
Pensioners Make You LOL.’
A real TV show, that will air on real Australian broadcast airwaves.
Somehow, someway, we can’t help but think we’ve all brought this on ourselves.

Source: DeciderTV.