Angie Kent Obliterates Locky Gilbert On IG For Double-Tapping A Bunch Of Bikini-Clad Pics

Queen Angie Kent has taken to Instagram to rip this year’s The Bachelor leading lad Locky Gilbert a new one, following reports that he’s been liking girls’ bikini pics and sliding into DMs on Instagram.

Spicy podcast So Dramatic! shared screenshots of pics Locky had liked, including posts by Love Island’s Jessie Wynter, Francoise Draschler and upcoming Bachelorette star Elly Miles. The post asked fans if it was appropriate for someone who was already dating 10 girls to be liking pictures of others.

It prompted Angie to unleash the following rant:

“I find it super disrespectful when dudes who have girlfriends go on cute little liking sprees of babes in bathers or lingerie.

I mean sure, have a good old look and appreciate the magic that is the female, you’re only human …

But unless home girl is your girlfriend or ya best friend, how about you don’t go and double tap that? It’s not that hard.

Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. Their big male egos would throw toys so far out of their prams … we’d never hear the god damn end of it.”

The post got the attention of Locky’s ex-girlfriend and former Love Island star Jordan Cayless, who responded: “Couldn’t have said it better myself.”

An insider told New Idea Magazine that Locky’s “been sliding into the DMs of several women on Instagram,” adding that he does this as an attempt to get in with them (so no, it’s not random or accidental, according to the source).

“He likes all of their photos to get their attention,” the insider added. “He sends them a cheeky message and, of course, they’re more than happy to reply, considering he’s Australia’s most eligible Bachelor.”

One of the girls in question, influencer Claire Lucinda (who boasts 13.3k followers on Instagram), recently called him out in a TikTok vid that’s since gone viral.

In the vid, Claire gives viewers a glimpse at the DMs Locky’s been sending as she mouths the lyrics to Emmanuel Hudson’s ‘Questions Part 3’.

The TikTok has, understandably, gone viral online and, let’s be real, it’s not a good look for Locky.