Angie Kent Continues To Drag The Blokes From Her Bachie Season & We’re Living For It

Angie Kent

The Bachelorette star Angie Kent has defended her simply iconic comments about the amount of men from her season appearing on Bachelor in Paradise 2020.

It all began after So Dramatic!a podcast focusing on reality TV, shared a post about Angie’s Instagram story from Tuesday night. If you missed that one, Angie dragged the living piss out of the men from her Bachelorette season after a large number of them, including Ciarran StottTimm Hanly, Jackson Garlick, and Jamie Doran, ended up in Paradise. Not to mention, Matt WhyatAlex McKayGlenn SmithNiranga Amarasinghe, and Scot Fuller as well.

“Me sitting here knowing that 98% of the fellas from my season were casted and only there to get onto BIP,” Angie captioned a picture of herself sipping on some wine.

“This season should have been renamed ‘98% from Angie’s Season of Bachelorette, in Paradise’, love that for me,” she said.

After So Dramatic! shared Angie’s words on Instagram, one user commented: “Was it not naive for Angie to think everyone was 100% genuine? Surely she had to know some of them would use the opportunity to gain fame and opportunities, no?”

They added, “Is it also not a bit full of yourself to think a dozen guys would all be into you?”

Well, Angie had some choice words in response.

She began by stating that she never had any expectations that all 20 men on her season would fall in love with her.

“But I did come on hoping that the men who were acting like they were equally interested and invested in what we had going was the truth,” Angie said.

“If you wanna stay on to dick around you can. But don’t pretend to want to be in it to be the one at the end when I was there fully vulnerable wanting to find someone,” she said.

Angie added that she told the blokes on numerous occasions that if The Bachelorette wasn’t for them then they could leave.

“Of course they don’t show everything that happens on the show as we know very well. But I know my truth and what I put into this experience and unless you’ve been in it you really would not understand. All I wanted was honesty. Not all of them to like me,” Angie said.

The pièce de résistance?

“They did know who I was before auditioning so they had a solid amount of time pre-show and on the show to leave or have fun with the blokes instead of lie,” she said. “That’s all I’m saying.”

In a separate comment Angie pointed that she has stayed silent and out of the Bachie bubble since her season ended.

“So let the girl say one thing,” she said. “Everyone else seems to be going in hard out.”

Bachelor in Paradise continues Sunday, 7.30pm on Channel 10.