New Bachelorette Angie Says She Just Wants A Funny, Quirky Fella To Love

Angie Kent

It begins. Gogglebox star Angie Kent has commenced her pre-Bachelorette press tour to chat about her season. And if it’s not obvious already, people are KEEN.

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Appearing on the Kyle & Jackie O show this morning, Angie revealed just what sort of man she’s looking for.

“I don’t have a type,” she told the hosts. “I’m not, you know, they have to be this or they have to be that. But they have to be funny. Like, you need to be a bit quirky, a bit nuts. In a good way.

“I want to have a laugh. That’s my big thing. I just want honesty and just to have passion.

“I don’t care if you’re a toilet cleaner but if you love doing it and you want to be the best toilet cleaner on the block, I dig it.”

And, we love her.

Earlier in the interview, Angie vomited (not really) at the word “journey” and substituted it with “experience”. Bless.

“I’ve never had a proper broken heart,” she continued. “I had really good boyfriends when I was young and then I just wanted to do everything by myself. The career, I wanted to hang out with my friends, I wanted to be with my family, I wanted to travel and now I’ve done all that so I feel like I’m ready now to share my life with someone.” 

And, since The Bachelor actually has successful couples, Angie says she’s hopeful she’ll meet ~the one~.

Then, in a totally normal part of the interview, Angie said she doesn’t want “all whities” in her season… since The Bachelor isn’t the most diverse show out there. This came about when Karl asked about Angie’s… “colour palette.” 


The Bachelorette is coming soon… after Bachelor in Paradise and The Bachelor.

You can listen to the full 13 minute interview below.