Amy Schumer Got Trolled For Her Looks, Responded In Epic Fashion

The trailer for Amy Schumer‘s Trainwreck – the wait for which is causing us actual physical pain – arrived late last week, in a blaze of glory, confirming why it’s one of our most anticipated films of the year.
The internet being what it is, though, it wasn’t long before the discussion turned to questions of the comedian’s looks and/or fuckability. The YouTube comments thread is pretty much the vomit emoji personified:
Did you like that one, folks? YouTube has a million of ’em.
Schumer got wind of the situation and responded thusly, indicating that she is very happy in her own skin, and that the dickheads of the world can deal with it or GTFO: 

While it’s sad that that the very talented Schumer felt the need to do this in the first place, good on her for kissing the haters off. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the foul-mouthed red band trailer for Trainwreck:
h/t Complex
Photo: Larry Busacca via Getty Images