Alternate ‘Trainwreck’ Ending Exists, Feats. Amy Schumer, Bill Hader & A Baby

Thank fuck, because we’d never again trust a word that comes out of her or Judd Apatow‘s mouth.
Trainwreck‘s Amy is perfect just the way she is: imperfect i.e. loves a stiff drink / cock. Specifically, Aaron‘s cock when she eventually comes ’round and realises he’s the best guy ever.
We *could well* have copped an ending very different to the cheerleading sequence fans of the movie froth over (it was real, it was perfect), because it was one of several alternate endings director Apatow toyed with during final edits.
It shows Amy and Aaron cradling a b-b with such sentimentality that we feel most uncomfortable, until her voiceover assures us it’s her sister’s kid, and says: “Eww! All the sentimentality! Let’s go get a drink.” 

Thankfully for us – and the movie’s ick-factor – Apatow went with something else.
“The moment where [Schumer and Bill Hader] talk and kiss after the cheerleading sequence was so great that we knew we couldn’t top it. But it is always wise to shoot something with a baby. Who hates a movie that ends with a baby? Just Darth Vader,” he says.
The Trainwreck DVD, out November 12, feats a fuckton of deleted scenes, a gag reel, and commentary with the whole gang.
If you haven’t owned a DVD player since you were an embryo, it’s also avail to download on iTunes.