Americans, amirite!? Those guys are crazy for Hemsworth Bros Incorporated. When they’re not breaking bank with Hemsworth lead blockbusters (plural: Thor, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, Skank Tramp and the Huntsman, and The Expendables, if that’s even a thing) they’re either getting hitched to them or appointing the Home & Away and Neighbours alum as the jingoistic faces of their ‘Red Dawn’ remakes or Nicholas Sparkesque Vietnam-era romances, like ‘Love & Honour,‘ which we spell with a ‘U’ here thunk y’all very much.

This saccharine war romance which screened earlier this year at Cannes also stars certified homegrown hottie, Pedestrian Bachelorette nominee, ELLERY muse and Blue Tongue Films collaborator Teresa Palmer as the romantic interest of the youngest Hemsworth (Liam), who plays a Vietnam soldier on leave or something. This looks pretty terrible, there’s gratuitous shirtlessness, fire-side kumbayahs and scenes straight out of The Notebook’s notebook, but it’s fantastic to see two fantastic looking Australian actors assume their rightful places as America’s next sweethearts. Americans, amirite!?

Side note: check out this prolific blog dedicated to The Forgotten Hemsworth, Luke. Safe to say, it’s not prolific.