Liam Hemsworth Makes Up For Being The ‘Lame’ Cyrus W/ Gacked Xmas Sweater

A couple of days ago, the Internet™ found Liam Hemsworth’s bright-eyed and bushy-tailed attempt to mingle with partner Miley Cyrus’ family for Christmas – and roasted the hell out of his innocent Aussie charm.

Cyrus fam Christmas in full swing ??

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Since then, it seems the fella has learned a thing or two about fitting in with the objectively wild clan. 

In a brand-spankers Instagram post, the younger brother of Westworld unit Luke and former Neighbours actor Chris has shown the world he’s left his perfectly acceptable brown sweater behind for this:

Happy birthday Jesus

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The sweater in question seemingly combines three mainstays of the traditional Christmas pullover – the candy cane, the reindeer, and bulk lots of stars – into one deliberately eye-haemmoraging spectacle. 

That’s not even considering the edgy threads ol’ m8 Miley is sporting, nor the fact the photo’s caption makes him complicit in said sacrilegious sweater. 

At least comments like “OMG, LIAM is like “i’m a Cyrus, but not already”” and “this photo makes me uncomfortable” have been replaced with copious quantities of the heart-eyes emoji.

Thank you for this fluffy Christmas content gift, Liam.

Source and photo: Liam Hemsworth / Instagram.