Apparently Liam Hemsworth Has Split From His Girlfriend & In Unrelated News, I’m Moving To Byron Bay

Liam Hemsworth at the Met Gala in a black suit and mirror selfie of Gabriella Brooks

Australia’s most beautiful beach bunnies Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks have reportedly broken up after nearly three years of dating, according to In Touch. I’d like to imagine that somewhere in Byron Bay, a huge wave has washed away two sets of footprints in the sand.

A source told In Touch Hemsworth broke it off with Brooks (bit of a tongue twister, that one) a “couple of months ago” because “he didn’t want to be tied down” and work had picked up since the pandemic ended.

Brooks is said to be “heartbroken”, which IMO is extremely fair. I would genuinely never know such despair if the hotter Hemsworth brother dumped me because he didn’t want to settle down.

The disgustingly attractive couple were first linked back in December 2019, a few months after Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus announced they were separating (RIP).

The duo was extraordinarily private and TBH they gave us nothing! But there were a few delicious morsels that we, the proles, feasted upon in gluttonous ecstasy. For example, the time in January 2022 when Brooks posted a shirtless piccie of Hemsworth on her Instagram story for his birthday. Delicious!

Breakups suck and in all honesty, I have no feelings on either Hemsworth or Brooks as a collective unit. I just get upset when exceedingly hot people split because if they can’t find love, then what hope is there for little ol’ me? Cue Kelly Kapoor having a conniption on The Office when they’re debating whether Hilary Swank is hot or not, because if no one thinks Hilary Swank is hot then that implies Kelly isn’t hot, because she is not as hot as Hilary Swank. And scene.

I wish both Brooks and Hemsworth nothing but the best and hope they find love with other gorgeous people.

Hemsworth seems to be doing fine, given the fact him and his brothers Chris and Luke have invested in a “de-extinction” company that wants to bring the Tasmanian tiger back to life. He was even spotted surfing in Byron Bay on Wednesday, which was very cowabunga and carefree of him.