If you’ve seen any of the Harry Potter flicks, or have even just been around people who have seen Harry Potter, I have no doubt that you know all about the premise.

The much-loved franchise is chock-full of all things magic. Think wizards, wands and spells galore. But it seems like this UK classic has confused its friends across the pond.

Some US viewers admitted on the r/harrypotter Reddit page that they thought a whole lot of things in the Harry Potter universe were magic when they were, in fact, just British.

The first concept which confused a whole lotta Americans is treacle tart… with US viewers thinking the fave food of Harry himself is in fact magic. Now as an Australian who’s never once heard of Treacle Tart in my life I get the bamboozlement.

Who knows, maybe the classic 19th century dessert is a little bit magic after all.

Next on the lineup is school houses and prefects. And this one did make me giggle, ‘cos in Aus, prefects are less common but school houses are pretty bog standard across kids’ schooling experience (I was blue BTW).

American Redditors Are Confessing They Thought V. Normal British Things Were Magic In Harry Potter
no more inter-school sport, yes pls. Source: IMDb

Now prefects and houses are also super commonplace in the UK, but apparently this has bewildered some Americans who assumed that the sport comps between houses were magic. Fifteen-year-old me wishes they were.

Thirdly on the list of shit that Americans just don’t get about the British: Christmas crackers. As someone who rates Christmas crackers in the top three most important things to have on December 25, it fucked me up a bit that those in the US don’t have the Christmas cracker experience.

You’re telling me you don’t get a cardboard cracker full of shit and a paper crown that never fits your head every year? Must suck TBH.

Next up, trains with food trolleys. Maybe long haul trains just aren’t as common in the US, and I get the confusion here because the snack trolley was full of magic snacks. ut apparently some US viewers have mistaken the entire act of a food trolley on a train for something magic.

American Redditors Are Confessing They Thought V. Normal British Things Were Magic In Harry Potter
you won’t catch me on a train without snacks. Source: IMDb

Are you telling me its BYO snacks on US trains?

Alternatively, there are some things in the Harry Potter franchise that American viewers have admitted to thinking as British, when it was actually just magic.

Apparently pumpkin juice is not a British thing but it is a magic thing, and they fooled me with that one too, folks.