Alex Nation Draws ‘Bachie’ Saga To A Close, Posts Fam Photo W/ Richie & Son

Here’s a lil’ Monday night massage for the soul.

Months after snagging Richie Strahan’s big Perthian heart on The Bachelor, Alex Nation has revealed he’s now been well and truly introduced to her son, Elijah.

An Instagram post shows the trio absolutely beaming, and it essentially confirms that the two adults in this sitch are actually rock-solid for each other – despite that misleading Bachelor finale.

Yeah, we still think about it.

This… ??

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The meeting of those two fellas comes after months of separation. Nation, who had Elijah with a previous partner, was steadfast in wanting to meet a partner who’d also be an ace fit for her son. 
That vetting process seemed to have continued after the cameras stopped rolling.

In a new interview with NW, Nation says Strahan and Elijah had been Facetiming “for weeks leading up to the moment they met,” just so they could get acquainted before hanging out IRL.

Now, she says they’re “inseparable when they’re together.” Commence n’awwing now, folks.

Previously, she’d answered a follower’s question about the sitch by saying “Elijah has a father, Rich would never want to try and take that away… However I am so thankful that he has such an amazing role model and male figure in his life.”

Onya, guys.
Source: NW Magazine.

Photo: Alex Nation / Instagram.