75% CONFIRMED: That Heinous Bath On ‘Bachie’ Got Chocolate All Up In Alex Nation’s Vagine

Alex nation
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Many strange things happen on The Bachelor franchise, but none – I don’t believe, at least – as weird as that time Alex Nation and Richie Strahan were forced to endure a liquid chocolate bath together. As a date.

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Alex has talked about the experience before to places like Nova 100, where she skirted around the idea that chocolate went up into her nether regions but did say she had it “trickling out of her ear” afterward. Hell.

However, in our recent episode of All Aussie Mystery Hour we chatted with Alex Nation’s fellow Bachelor In Paradise contestant Alisha Aitken-Radburn, who flat out said she absolutely had chocolate right up in there.

Basically we were discussing Alisha’s own chocolate date with ill-fated love interest Jules Bourne, which was also revolting and can we just stop doing liquid chocolate dates on reality TV shows please and thank you.

Anyway that obviously led to THE grossest date of all time – the Lindt chocolate bath Alex Nation and Richie had. Then, Alisha spilled the tea.

“Alex has told me since – again we’re coming out with all the good tea – Alex literally like, had chocolate just, still up in places… it was choccy vagina! It was.”

TBH it’s not like we didn’t all assume this to be the case. But hearing it said for real is still pretty… visceral.

Another fun fact – Alisha reckons Richie Strahan and Other Alex (the guy one) spent most of their time talking about… space? Big mood, IMO.

Anyway obviously that season of The Bachelor is loooooong gone – but still, fun to know for (almost) sure. Alex, feel like confirming?

PSA – you can listen to our full chat with Alisha over on All Aussie Mystery Hour here.