Cue The Aggressive Salivating, ‘Masterchef’ 2018 Is Finally Here 

Folks, it’s that time of the year again – Masterchef Australia is back on our TVs for its tenth year running and it’s already looking to be a bloody doozy.

To celebrate, all 10 past winners have turned up to inspire and motivate but most importantly – they’re here to prove that unlike 99 per cent of Aussie reality TV shows, Masterchef can actually get you places post-filming.

An example of this is sassy Adam Liaw who has a bunch of cookbooks to his name now and has travelled the world hosting cooking/travel documentaries. If you’re not following him on Twitter, you’re missing out big time.

No really, follow him.

This season, guest chefs include Gordon Ramsey, Nigella Lawson, and of course everyone’s favourite Maggie Beer, just to name a few. Oh, and then Prince Charles is randomly coming on the show ‘cos why not?

The comp for the Top 24 begins almost immediately and it’s crazy to think we’ve gone from sandwiches (not really) to deconstructed everything.

So what did we see today? Abso-bloody-lutely mouthwatering Italian food, Mexican food, Modern Australian food, the best Indian food the Masterchef kitchen has ever seen, and splattered sauce on a plate, it’s unreal. 

Then we finally clasp eyes on Kristen, the beautiful soul from all the ads. She works for the local government so naturally, she wants out.

Three straight yeses, immediately. The honeycomb, the chocolate, the caramel sauce, the whiskey, the mousse, the ice-cream, the presentation… the music swells and that’s it, we have this season’s favourite.

Watch the snippet below and CRY.

I’m salivating.

This season, Matt’s a bloody savage so contestants won’t cop an apron unless they’re a professional but still an amateur – professional amateur.

And you know who else is being savage? Channel 10 with their whole “let’s bring in a contestant’s adorable Nonna, oh and next up, let’s bring in someone’s kid so that everyone cries some more”.

And in a strange twist of events, I just saw my family friend, Jessica, nab a second chance cook. Shooketh.

Also, suss these kind words Masterchef re-tweeted:


Righto, well I’m off to harass Jess.

Happy Monday.