Did The MasterChef 2024 Winner Leak? Here’s Who’s Likely To Take The Crown During Tonight’s Finale

MasterChef Australia finale 2024 Nat Thaipun Josh 'Pezza' Perry

Although the MasterChef Australia winner for 2024 has been announced, there was news of cheeky leaks regarding the foodie champ for Season 16 prior to the grand finale. How naughty!

It’s official, the MasterChef Australia kitchen is closed after Nat won the comp.

Before the big reveal, the MasterChef Australia side of the internet was jam-packed with cheeky winner leaks and rumours.

There was even one ‘yuge Reddit post where a bunch of viewers chucked in their two cents on who they thought would take home the $250,000 MasterChef Australia prize.

But were the Redditors and the leaks spot on with their spoiler-worthy gossip? 

Here’s all the tea that surrounded the MasterChef Australia winner for 2024.

Who is the MasterChef Australia winner in 2024?

On Tuesday night’s stellar grand finale, Nat Thaipun was the cook who nabbed MasterChef glory and the $250,000 prize!

Josh ‘Pezza’ Perry came in second place! Although he didn’t win, Pezza wowed the judges with his stellar dessert in the second round.

Before the ending of Season 16, Redditors on the r/MasterChefAU community chucked in their predictions. Most punters believed Nat would be the chef taking home the prize. I guess you could say their crystal ball was quite spot on with this prediction.

The MasterChef Australia winner debate kicked off back in mid-June – before the top 10 had been announced – when /u/Iampoluza asked the subreddit “who do you think will win” Season 16.

“I’m predicting that Sumeet or Nat will win, they’re both great cooks. I’m from WA so I would love to see Sam win too,” they wrote.

“I’m liking Nat for the win, aside from some creative dishes she’s put up she really showed leadership skills in the team challenge,” one person wrote.

“I’m rooting for Nat because I’m a chef and Nat is very organised which is a key skill for a chef. She also seems to make good food,” a second person commented.

“Nat but I’m secretly hoping for a Pezza [Josh Perry] win just to see the reaction,” wrote a third.

Good ol’ Pezza. (Image source: Instagram / @pezza_the_tassie_butcher)

Redditors also thought Mimi would be making the top three, but unfortunately, she was eliminated last week, after her failed brioche became her downfall.

When was the MasterChef Australia winner announced?

The MasterChef Australia winner was announced on Tuesday, 16 July.

In the nail-biting grand finale, it was Nat who took the MasterChef title home.

(Image source: 10Play / MasterChef Australia)

Look, call me the reality TV oracle because I said had a feeling that Nat could be the MasterChef Australia winner.

Right off the bat, Nat was the only cook to wield the highly-coveted immunity pin, which she won in Episode One. Nat has also won multiple immunity challenges, including the ‘yuge one in Hong Kong where she also won the opportunity to cook with Michelin Star chef Vicky Cheng.

Have there been any MasterChef Australia winner leaks?

You might have seen reports that the MasterChef Australia 2024 winner has leaked. And like with all reality TV leaks, please take it with a grain of salt.

But, according to Sportsbet – a betting website where you can literally find bets for anything, including reality TV – immunity pin winner Nat will be winning the prize, with odds sitting at $1.33, as per Daily Mail Australia.

I honestly see her as this year’s winner too!!! (Image source: Instagram / @nattywolf)

Behind Nat, punters have placed 29-year-old seafood baddie Harry in second with odds at seven bucks. In third place is Tassie butcher Pezza, who has $10 odds.

Harry came in fourth place.

At least they got the winner spot on!

MasterChef Australia’s Harry reveals who he thinks is going to win

Following his shock elimination on Tuesday night, Harry told PEDESTRIAN.TV who he thinks will take home the $250,000 cash prize.

“If I had to say one person and not give you the generic, I hope everyone does really well answer, I’d have to say Sav, just because she’s like, my homie,” the fish-loving cook shared.

“She knocks it out of the park like every single time.

“I think when she puts her heart, and you know, her emotion and her like, incredible ability to a task, she can literally do anything. So I’d love to see Sav lift the trophy.”

Harry and Sav lookin’ extra epic on the MasterChef set! (Image source: Instagram / @harrybutterfield_)

Sadly, Sav was eliminated during the tough semi-final on Monday night, even though she put her heart and soul into her final dishes.

MasterChef Australia‘s Mimi reveals who’s going to win

In a funny turn of events, Mimi – who made it to the top five but was eliminated during the “Ingredients Beasts” Challenge – predicted Harry would take the MasterChef title.

“I actually shared a bench with [Harry] on day one, I cooked next to him and I remember the first time I tasted his food, I was incredibly blown away,” she told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

Awww, birds of a feather! (Image source: Instagram / @mimiwonggaa)

She believed Harry has the character to make it through, as he’s great at “staving away a lot of insecurity and self doubt”, as well as being “really friendly, generous, kind and funny.”

“[He’s] incredibly skilled and talented. It was very hard not to be like, ‘Ooh, I wonder if I’m ever going to get past Harry. So I’m really crossing my fingers that Harry gets to the very end’.”

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Image source: 10Play