MasterChef Australia Fans Notice Weird Detail About Jean-Christophe Novelli’s Judging Technique

MasterChef Australia Poh Ling Yeow and Jean-Christophe Novelli

It’s getting hot in the MasterChef Australia kitchen, with Mimi Wong departing on Sunday night and the final four Josh ‘Pezza’ Perry, Harry Butterfield, Nat Thaipun and Savindri ‘Sav’ Perera battling it out for the grand prize. But there’s one strange habit fans have been busy focusing on when it comes to the judges. 

One viewer pointed out that Jean-Christophe Novelli often takes small bites or appears to be chewing with barely anything in his mouth. 

“Has anyone noticed Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli only really, really tastes the high-quality food and all sauces with most of the other dishes? Sometimes he is seen chewing with no food in his mouth,” the fan said in a Facebook fan group. 

“All accomplished chefs taste in a certain way, in very small quantities and using certain parts of the tongue. They don’t eat mouthfuls,” they said.

“There is literally NEVER a time when he has no food. You don’t fake your way to become a MasterChef judge or a Michelin Starred Chef! So the least one can do is to respect that!”

Jean Christophe-Novelli has added plenty of ~drama~ to this season. (Image: 10)

I’m also going to take a punt here and say the judges also have to eat a lot of food throughout filming, so it’s possibly a way of pacing himself. 

Another viewer said it was interesting to see the French chef often be the last to taste the food, and chalked that up to his extensive foodie background. 

“He smells [the food] before he eats it. He eats last, I guess he waits for the others’ opinions?” they guessed. “He’s probably tasted more food than the others have. Maybe the directors don’t want him to appear biased if he tastes [it] before [the] others.”

Who is MasterChef Australia’s Jean-Christophe Novelli? 

Novelli was an exciting addition to the judging line-up this year, bringing decades of experience in restaurants all over the world. He has been awarded four individual Michelin stars, been named AA Chefs’ Chef of the Year UK, has five out of five AA Rosettes, and won Egon Ronay’s Best Dessert of the Year in the UK. 

He also runs the Novelli Academy – one of the top 25 in the world – and the Queen even gave him an honourary MBE in 2021. 

Their band was called ‘The Chefs’. (Image: ITV)

The chef isn’t a stranger to reality TV, appearing on Hell’s Kitchen, The Apprentice: You’re Fired and Culinary Genius. He also won Celebrity Hunted in the UK, and was in a celebrity chef boy band on The X Factor: Battle of the Stars

Honestly, how iconic is he?! Fingers and toes crossed he’s back for MasterChef Australia 2025.

Feature Image: Network 10