Adele Reportedly Denies Ch7 Access To Footage Of Interview It Paid $1M For After Journo’s Snub

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Oopsie, ballad queen Adele (via Sony) has reportedly denied Channel Seven access to footage of an interview it paid $1M for after their reporter admitted to the artist he hadn’t heard of the very album he was flown to London to interview her about.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Weekend Sunrise host Matt Doran and his camera crew flew to London around the 4th of November for an exclusive interview with the “Easy On Me” singer. The interview was set to promote Adele’s new album 30 and was part of a million-dollar deal between Seven and Sony to screen the One Night Only special, Oprah Winfrey interview, and more.

Sources claimed that Doran was given 20 to 30 minutes with Adele. Given that Australian media typically only get between three to ten minutes with an international celebrity, that’s pretty huge.

However, in the middle of the interview, Adele reportedly began to notice the Channel Seven reporter struggling to share his own opinion on 30. Then, when the multi-Grammy-award-winning artist asked Doran what he thought about the album, he admitted, “I haven’t listened to it”.

It’s worth mentioning here that a direct flight from Sydney to London takes roughly 23 hours and Adele’s 30 is 58 minutes and 18 seconds long. By that logic, if Doran did listen to the album on his way to London, he could *theoretically* had listened to it up to 23 and a half times.

There’s a bit of conflicting info as to what happened next. Sources within Seven reportedly told The Sunday Telegraph that Adele was offended and walked out. Sources from the music industry said the interview had already taken place when the artist questioned Doran’s research.

While the interview was filmed by Seven’s camera crew, Sony had full access to the footage and refused to release it to the TV network. That led to Seven reportedly chopping together a montage of Aussie artists singing covers of Adele’s tracks instead. Matt Doran was also suspended for two weeks.

“Seven is obviously angry about it,” a source told The Daily Telegraph.

“Matt was reprimanded. He had links, he should have done the research.”

Moral of the story here: Don’t go into the exam unprepared or your tutor Adele won’t give you your test results.

Channel Seven and Matt Doran have yet to publicly respond to the report.