A hairdresser at Bella Rosa salon over in the Netherlands has gone viral for using an umbrella as a form of protection against clients amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The viral clips, posted to the salon’s Facebook page, depict the hairdresser sporting an umbrella with four holes cut out – two for the eyes, two for the arms – while continuing to go about business.

First and foremost, I admire this hairdresser’s innovation. Any inventive, bootleg way to minimise the chances of coming in contact with, or spreading, the virus should be applauded. I would have never considered an umbrella to be a useful shield in a salon, but the umbrella itself, coupled with the gloves, seems to be a fortifiable barrier against clients – for this, I well and truly stand corrected.

Check out the below footage, which has amassed a staggering 91k shares in just over a week.

Posted by Bella Rosa on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

In the following footage a third hole was cut in a bid to thread eyebrows. Everyone in the comments scream-cried accordingly.

Posted by Bella Rosa on Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Now, as innovative as this umbrella is, you can’t deny that there’s a small part of you that is now terrified of waking up at 3AM with this staring at you in the corner:

Nonetheless, I bloody stan the efforts of this hairdresser at Bella Rosa salon.

Remember, it’s important to support small businesses, now more than ever, as they’ll continue dealing with some pretty tough blows amid the growing pandemic.

Image: Facebook / Bella Rosa