This Street Collectively Sang Happy Birthday To An 8-Yr-Old & Now It’s Time To Cry In Unison

When you woke up today, did you yearn to feel things? Crave a therapeutic happy cry, perhaps? Amazing. I have the story.

A whole street in UK’s Southampton sang happy birthday to an 8-year-old girl from isolation. Neighbours opened their windows and stepped into their front yards to collectively wish Sophia a grand day of birth. The footage itself is so damn cute, and made me cry so much that I have now flooded my entire apartment and am struggled to stay afloat. Am I exaggerating a little? Just a tad. But my eyes did well up, and that’s rare for my cold, cold heart. So that’s saying something, at least.

Parents Rob and Alison knew they wanted to do something special for their daughter’s birthday, as the sweet angel obviously isn’t able to have a party,

“We were a bit worried about what to do for Sophia’s birthday,” Rob told UNILAD. “I mean, what eight-year-old wants to spend it in isolation?”

Can you imagine turning 8 and not being able to have a party with lolly bags? Devastating.

According to BBC, Alison messaged the street’s WhatApp group (iconic), with one neighbour suggesting the street-wide happy birthday performance.

And so it began. One neighbour, a music teacher, even whipped out a trumpet for the occasion.

“While we knew what was going to happen, Sophia didn’t,” Rob continues, in his chat with UNILAD. “She’s naturally a confident and chatty girl but this left her completely gob smacked and overwhelmed.”

Check out the wondrous footage below. May it provide some slight joy for your day.