I often think about how people from 1920 would perceive us in 2020 – a century on – and whether they’d be proud of, or embarrassed by, our technological advancements. Even Marty McFly, back in ’89, envisioned us being in flying cars and shit by now.

Well, this social distance jogging contraption, made with tent poles and duct tape, is a fry cry from flying cars but, hey, I guess it’ll do for now.

Michigan man Dan Kuhnle posted his latest invention to Facebook over the weekend. “To all the runners, cyclists and outdoorsy people,” he captioned the video. “Here’s a SOCIAL DISTANCING DIY project for you!”

The device (if that’s what you call it?) was created to uphold social distance regulations, complete with jiggling cans to ward off any folk not already fucking scared by a tent-pole contraption with a 40-foot circumference coming towards you at 6kph.

It’s a real 2020 innovation, nonetheless. Check it out below.

Social distance jogging has never looked more glam.

“People immediately knew what this was and it was social distancing, I didn’t have to say much,” Kuhnle said, according to CBS Austin. “I love everyone’s reaction to the video, it’s all been positive, everyone’s laughing, it’s one thing I feel strongly about that I was created to bring joy to people and that’s what it seems to be doing.”

Speaking of socially distant inventions, feast your eyes on this footage of two neighbours sporting hazmat gear while riding a wooden plank over their shared fence or this hairdresser wearing an umbrella to cut clients’ hair. (That was a very eclectic sentence indeed.)

Image: Facebook / Dan Kuhnle