My experience of changing a tyre is limited to that one time, as an L-plater, when I somehow managed to ram the curb so hard said tyre popped right on open and it turned into a life lesson passed down from father to daughter. Seems sweet, but in reality all I remember now is jumping hard on the cross knut twisty off thingy but even all my 16-year-old weight could not make the damn thing move.

Since then, having only ever owned one car while living in the middle of a Canadian National Park, that died for many other reasons (mostly that it was dirt cheap from an extremely questionable sales yard) long before a tyre change was required, I have not once refreshed the skills I never quite mastered.,

Turns out, it’s actually not as hard as I had envisioned it to be. In fact, TAFE NSW Auto teacher, William, showed one of our own (a total tyre changing newb) how to get it done and be on your merry way in under 10 minutes. Don’t believe me? Check out the proof below:

Image: iStock Images / [MichaelSvoboda]