PSA: You Can Avoid Coworker Drama & Get A Job Working With Animals Instead

Go To TAFE To Get One OF Those Fun Careers With Animals

You know on your worst days when your studies are becoming a tad over-whelming and your workplace including everyone in it is just being a bit crap and you start daydreaming about giving it all up to spend all your time with animals because they’re obviously the only ones who understand you? Well actually, you totally can. We sent our very own Lucinda along to TAFE NSW to do just that.

I don’t know about you, but I always kind of assumed that zookeepers just kind of, manifested? I have absolutely no good reasoning for this, but I thought maybe they were just animal lovers who hung around zoos until someone let them have a job. Admittedly that now seems pretty stupid of me because of course there’s so much more to it than that.

Whether you’re an aspiring zookeeper, dog trainer, vet, groomer or all of the above, TAFE NSW can show you how and get you into your dream career.