Matt Moran’s Top Tips On Breaking Into The Ever-Popular Chef Biz

Getting into the chef business to get yourself on reality TV? Well, stop, just stop right now. We spoke to your fave celeb chef, Matt Moran, and he stamped out that motive quick smart.

Don’t decide to be a chef to be on reality TV because it just doesn’t happen.

See, told you. What you CAN do is get into the industry for the pure, unadulterated joy of cooking. Seriously just watch the video below, have you ever seen a man who looks more adoring than he does when he talks about cooking? My only hope is that someday someone loves me like that.

When I’m at home and I’m relaxing I actually just love to start cooking, and cook for 3 -4 hours sometimes…it’s my true love, no question.

Sound familiar? Sounds like you’re going to love a career in the food industry! But where to get started? Matt got his start at TAFE NSW.

The greatest thing I got out of TAFE NSW was the basics….and then you can expand and start being more experimental.

Feast your eyes on the whole interview below:

Image: Instagram / [@chefmattmoran]